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Buckle Up For Safety

In the wake of another fatal car accident that has occurred on the roadways of Connecticut this week, the lawyers at McCoy & McCoy would like to remind all drivers to buckle up when behind the wheel. The tragic accident that happened on a state highway involved two male victims-neither of which were wearing their seatbelt at the time of the collision. Because of this, both men were thrown out of the van that they were riding in when the driver lost control and hit a guard rail. Both landed in the road, and unfortunately, one was struck by an oncoming car. Neither of the men survived the accident, as they were both pronounced dead at the scene when help eventually arrived. After hearing about yet another fatal accident that has plagued the Connecticut roadways, all motorists should see the importance in putting their safety first. This should always include buckling up for safety. 

Tips for Keeping Roads Safe for Everyone

Motorcycles provide thousands of motorists with an enjoyable, cost-efficient and convenient means of transportation in Connecticut. However, between passenger vehicles, motorcycles and large trucks, the diversity of vehicles on the roads call for special attention to maintaining safety for everyone. Because motorcycles are much smaller and more exposed for the driver, passenger motorists and trucks are called to take special precautions to equally share the roads.

How Prescription Medications Could Affect Your Driving

Did you know that eight out of every ten drivers who are over the age of 65 take medications on a regular basis? Despite the fact that most senior drivers take over-the-counter medications, only about half of them have actually talked to their doctor about how these drugs could affect their driving abilities. This means that a significant number of senior drivers could be putting themselves at risk every time they get behind the wheel-not to mention, everyone else on the road. This is why AAA has developed a resource called Roadwise Rx that adults can use to explore how certain medications could affect their safety.

The Importance of Documenting the Scene of a Car Accident

A car accident is a very traumatic and painful event. Whether you are involved in a single-vehicle accident or a multi-vehicle accident, the injuries caused by a collision are often serious or life-threatening. If you or your passengers have sustained injuries from a car accident, getting medical attention is the first priority. Once emergency medical care has assessed your condition, it is important for the parties to exchange contact information and provide a statement to the police. Never admit any fault, simply provide facts the officer can use to file his or her report. The police report from the scene of an accident is an essential piece of evidence that will be used to help in determining liability for the accident and to substantiate your insurance claims.