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premises liability Archives

Unsafe train car platform leads to conductor’s fall injuries

When news of slip-and-fall injury cases breaks in Hartford, many may be willing to give property owners the benefit of the doubt given that it seems impossible to keep their eyes on every one of their guests. At the same time, however, one might assume that they are constantly mindful of the safety and well-being of any employees or agents that they expect to be working in or around their grounds. While it may be understandable that an accident or mishap during the day can cause an unsafe condition, not ensuring that an employee’s work area is safe and secure prior to the commencement of operations may seem baffling to some.

What should you know about premises liability for weddings?

When you are planning your wedding in Connecticut, premises liability is usually not one of the elements you consider. However, accidents can happen even on your special day. It is important to be aware of your responsibility as a host so you can ensure that everyone stays safe.

Determining if you have a premises liability case

When you are injured outside of your Connecticut home, you may initially think the injury falls within the bounds of premises liability. However, an injury is not automatically considered premises liability because you were at someone else’s home or a public building. There are other conditions which usually must apply. At McCoy and McCoy, we know that these conditions can be difficult to understand at first.

What does a ramp need to be safe?

As a Connecticut business owner, you do your best to ensure that your store is accessible to everyone. However, if your ramp does not have the right specifications, someone who gets hurt may be able to say that it was a liability. According to the United States Access Board, you need to have a ramp if one portion of the ground or floor will be a half-inch higher than the rest.

How do you keep your dog from biting the mailman?

Although your dog might generally stay inside your Connecticut home, sometimes people such as postal workers have occasion to come to your door. You know that your dog is friendly, but this may not be common knowledge. If your dog feels threatened by the mailman and bites him, you may be held liable.

Dangerous parking lots: 3 potential premises liability situations

In Hartford, as well as communities across the country, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the premises are safe and clean for those who are in the area. This responsibility extends to the exterior of a shopping center or grocery store, as well as the inside. At McCoy & McCoy, we have counseled numerous clients who have been injured through inaction or negligence on the part of a property owner or manager. The following situations illustrate a few of the ways you might be hurt in a parking lot.

What dangers might you face from elevators?

If you work in a multi-story office complex or live in a high-rise apartment building, you probably use elevators every day. Hotels, malls and tourist attractions are additional places where elevators are a convenient way to get from floor to floor. You and other Hartford residents might take elevators for granted, but some may threaten your safety or life.

What are your landlord’s safety responsibilities?

If you get injured on someone else’s property, the owner may be held responsible for the cost of your injuries. For example, slipping on a wet floor at the grocery store may be a cause for a premises liability case. Does this property owner responsibility extend to the apartment complex or rental home where you live? In many ways, Connecticut landlords are responsible for your safety and well-being at home.