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What Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know

Have you been injured in a serious car accident that was caused by the careless actions of another driver? If so, it is important that you understand what steps to take immediately after a collision and in the days following if you hope to recover the maximum amount of compensation from the responsible party's insurance company.

How Long Will I Have to Wait to Receive Compensation for My Injuries?

Devastating accidents and painful personal injuries can cause you to suffer for years to come - not only physically but emotionally and financially, too. Paying out of pocket for your medical bills and losing wages as you recover will surely hinder your finances and leave you in a less-than-comfortable state of affairs. If you have already spoken to a Hartford personal injury attorney from McCoy & McCoy to pursue financial compensation, you've started on the right path. But, like so many people who might rely on a fair settlement to pay off their bills, you are probably wondering how long it will take to receive restitution for your injury.

Torn Rotator Cuff Injuries from Car Accidents

Most consequences of a car accident can be seen immediately, such as the denting of metal or a laceration on someone's skin, but lingering health may exist. Typically, when people think of car accident injuries that last for years, they think of whiplash or broken bones. Not too many people will think a torn rotator cuff could result from a car accident, or that it could haunt them years down the road.

Scarring in Personal Injury Cases

Many types of injuries can lead to permanent scarring. Scars are the result of the biological process of wound repair that occurs in the skin and other tissues. With the exception of very minor lesions, every wound results in some degree of scarring because it is the human body's natural healing process.

4 Reasons You Can't Afford to Wait to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney after an Accident

If you've been involved in an accident, your first priority may be to simply resolve your claim as quickly as possible. While this is music to an insurance adjuster's ears, you may be singing a different tune after it's all said and done.

Buckle Up For Safety

In the wake of another fatal car accident that has occurred on the roadways of Connecticut this week, the lawyers at McCoy & McCoy would like to remind all drivers to buckle up when behind the wheel. The tragic accident that happened on a state highway involved two male victims-neither of which were wearing their seatbelt at the time of the collision. Because of this, both men were thrown out of the van that they were riding in when the driver lost control and hit a guard rail. Both landed in the road, and unfortunately, one was struck by an oncoming car. Neither of the men survived the accident, as they were both pronounced dead at the scene when help eventually arrived. After hearing about yet another fatal accident that has plagued the Connecticut roadways, all motorists should see the importance in putting their safety first. This should always include buckling up for safety.