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motorcycle accidents Archives

Cheshire couple sustains serious injuries in motorcycle crash

Should one approach a collision involving a motorcycle and a car in Hartford and see a person walking away, statistics and regular logic would indicate that it is most likely the motorist. Motorcycles offer little in the way of protection in accidents, making it even more imperative that those driving conventional vehicles be mindful of motorcyclists on the roads around them.

Is there a law regulating motorcycle helmets?

If you or a loved one rides a motorcycle in Connecticut, you likely pay close attention to laws for motorcyclists. Recently, a law about helmet usage has been proposed. Although many people may regard helmets as a safety necessity, this headgear is not required in all states across the country.

Lane-splitting in Connecticut

Motorcycle riders in Connecticut and across the rest of the country were left rejoicing after California’s recent announcement that lane-splitting will now be legal and accepted on all its roads. Lawmakers cited a recent study performed by the University of California Berkeley that indicates that the move may actually be less dangerous for motorcycle riders and beneficial for all drivers.

How do I handle a motorcycle accident?

When you are riding your motorcycle and you are involved in a crash with a car in Connecticut, the chances are high that you will be the one left injured. To prevent any unnecessary legal complications, Ride Apart magazine suggests that you take some precautionary steps after the crash.

Autumn hazards that motorcyclists should be aware of

For many motorcyclists, it is almost time to put the bike away for the season. However, there are still a few weeks left to enjoy the crisp fall air during a ride through the country. If you are like other motorcycle enthusiasts in Hartford, you likely think that there is nothing better than the open road and a bit of speed under your wheels. At McCoy & McCoy, we understand how much bikers love to ride, as well as the potential dangers they face from traffic and other vehicles sharing the road. We want you to be safe as the weather begins to change.

Motorcyclist distraction may become a thing with new tech

Distracted driving is a problem that affects thousands of drivers across the country every year, including in Connecticut. Numerous factors have distracted drivers since cars were invented, from scenery to passengers in the car. However, one particularly dangerous form of distraction that has become increasingly prevalent is the use of mobile technology. In addition to talking and texting while behind the wheel, smartphones have made it possible to access the Internet wherever users go. At any point, people can be sharing the road with a driver who is also checking email, updating a status on social media, watching a video or reading an article.

Is a change to Connecticut’s helmet law on the horizon?

Motorcyclists have a wide range of safety apparel they may wear to help protect them in the event of a crash. Leather jackets, gloves and boots may keep them safe from abrasions and lacerations. Elbow and knee pads may protect these joints during impact. However, no piece of safety equipment is as vital to biker safety as a U.S. DOT-approved motorcycle helmet. Helmets have been shown to dramatically reduce the risk of death or serious head injury in a crash. Even so, the current helmet law in Connecticut only applies to riders 17 and younger.