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Motor Vehicle Accidents Archives

The dangers of some mixing some prescription drugs with driving

A great deal of attention is focused on drunk driving dangers, and rightfully so. Thousands of lives are changed every year in the country due to alcohol-related crashes. It might be easy to overlook the fact that driving on other substances can also be hazardous. You know about the risks of driving under the influence of illicit drugs, but what about driving while being on prescription medications? At McCoy & McCoy, we are aware of the dangers posed to you and other Connecticut residents if you share the road with someone who should not be driving after taking certain medications.

Second accident occurs during investigation of first

Connecticut residents are well aware of the fact that a motor vehicle accident can happen virtually anywhere and at any time. However, when thinking about crashes, many people may think about just a few types of situations such as being hit from behind by a tailgating driver on a congested freeway. Another type of crash people might think of first is one that happens when a driver rushes to get through an intersection just as a light is turning. 

Drunk driving a serious problem in Hartford County

As the 2017 holiday season fast approaches, many parties, get-togethers and family celebrations are being planned in Connecticut. At a great many of those gatherings, alcoholic beverages will be served and attendees will be needing to find ways to get home. Even with the growing availability of ridesharing options, taxis or the ability to identify a designated driver for the night, several people will instead opt to enjoy their drinks and then grab they keys to drive home.

The role of a dash camera in a collision

As a Connecticut driver, you may like the idea of having a recording device which can show law enforcement exactly what happened if you are in an accident. At McCoy and McCoy, we understand that it is important for you to know how a dash camera can help you after a collision.

Why are some fixed object collisions fatal?

You may think that most of the fatal car accidents which occur in Connecticut involve multiple cars. However, crashes involving one vehicle can be fatal, and this includes fixed object collisions. A previous blog listed many of the factors behind these incidents. Today's blog will discuss why these accidents can be deadly.

Bicycle safety is more important now than ever

One of the most at-risk groups out on the road is bicyclists. The reason is fairly obvious: people on bicycles have fewer safety options than other vehicles and their counterparts out on the road have far more power when an accident occurs. As a result, when a bicyclist collides with a car, or vice versa, it is highly probable that the bicyclist will suffer serious, or even fatal, injuries.