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Drunk Driving Accidents Archives

Tips to avoid accidentally driving under the influence

As a responsible adult, you would never want to drink and drive. Not only do you know the risks, but you know your limits when it comes to alcohol. Life doesn't always go as planned, though, and most people have, at one point or another, found themselves in a situation where they had more to drink than they were anticipating and are now asking themselves whether they're too drunk to drive. Generally, if you find yourself asking this question, the answer is probably "yes," but how can you be sure?

Drunk Driving Injury Cases Related to the AFC Championship Game

Every team has a committed fan club that will treat a win like a personal gain in their own life. This year, the New England Patriots were the champions of the American Football Conference (AFC), making them one of the competitors in the upcoming 2015 Super Bowl.

The Safest Time to Drive Your Car

When the winter months strike Connecticut, long-time residents understand what is to come-as just last year, winter brought record-breaking amounts of snowfall. For this reason, countless people chose to work from home rather than brave the hazardous conditions of the roadways. If asked, many people would probably say that this time of the year proves to be the most dangerous for drivers, when thick sheets of ice and snow make the roads slick, but surprisingly, they would be wrong. Statistics tell a different story, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the most dangerous time to get behind the wheel is in August on a Saturday-on the exact opposite side of the spectrum. Experts believe this to be true for a variety of different reasons, all of which we will explore further.