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Connecticut School Bus Accidents

Every year Connecticut parents wait with excitement for the school bus to arrive! Proudly our children board the bus, find a seat, and wave goodbye. At this point we trust that our children will be delivered to school safe and sound. Unfortunately, and for many reasons, this does not always happen. Approximately 17,000 children are injured each year in school bus accidents. As we continue to hear more cases involving accidents due to distracted driving, we find school bus drivers to be at risk for this.

How a Car Accident Can Affect the Victim's Quality of Life

In our line of work, we have seen the devastating effects of motor vehicle accidents first-hand. A previously healthy victim can be thrust in a permanently altered life within the blink of an eye, as it only takes a single mistake or error in judgment to cause irreparable damage. This, unfortunately, was the case for one of our firm's most recent clients. The woman was physically fit and regularly active, having worked at a local school as a coach for several athletic teams and a basketball official for the Amateur Athletic Union. While driving to work one day, however, a single moment changed everything.