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Car Accidents Archives

Study finds connection between accidents and pot

Connecticut has not joined the ranks of the states or areas in the country that have passed leglislation to make the recreational use of marijuana legal. However, its residents should be aware of some of the consequences of this action, especially as nearby Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and Maine have all done so. Why would this matter so much? Because a new report based upon a study over a period of nearly five years has made a connection between more accident claims to insurance companies and the legalization of pot.

Summer vacations, summer road risks

If you are one of the many Connecticut residents who is planning to hit the road for a summer vacation, you should make sure to educate yourself about the various ways you may be able to keep yourself safe. Whether you are planning short getaways in the northeast area or looking to go across the country, there are generally more cars on the road in the summer and that very fact alone can increase your risk of being in an accident.

Inclement weather and traffic accidents

For the driver or occupant of a vehicle, many hazards exist on the roadways. For example, a life may be cut short because of a drunk driver or a result of someone’s failure to abide by the law. However, there are other dangers that can result in a motor vehicle accident in Hartford, such as inclement weather. Regardless of the part of the country someone lives in, weather can increase the chances of an accident and it is essential for drivers to realize the risks.

Taking a look at deadly drunk driving crashes

Each year, a devastating number of peoples’ lives are cut short in motor vehicle collisions. In New Mexico, and across the country, some of these accidents are caused by factors that are not a driver’s fault. Unfortunately, many of the deadly traffic collisions that occur were preventable and happened because of reckless behavior, such as driving while impaired due to alcohol use or drugs. Sadly, these drunk driving crashes happen far too often.

Connecticut drivers rated second worst

Speeding and distracted driving helped to get Connecticut drivers ranked 49th out of drivers in all 50 states. This rating came from EverQuote, Inc., who used a safe-driving app that measured speeding, hard turns, braking and phone use while driving. According to the report, speeding is the most common dangerous offense across the country, and in Connecticut, 53 percent of trips include speeds above the legal limit. The national speeding average is 46 percent of trips. Only Rhode Island drivers received a worst overall score.

Teen drivers at risk in summer

With school letting out, many Connecticut teens are looking forward to spending the summer months with friends, but what starts as fun could turn to fatal. As CNN reports, the 100 days following Memorial Day are the riskiest for teen drivers. These 100 days, between 2010 and 2014, have seen more than 5,000 people die in car crashes where a teen driver was present. The summer days are 16 percent more dangerous for drivers between 16 and 19 than the rest of the year.

Highway accident in Orange kills one, injures another

Automotive safety technology has advanced to the point of people in Hartford realistically expecting that they will likely be able to walk away from any accident that they are involved in. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Those who die in car accidents likely leave behind a tremendous void, particularly in the lives of those that relied upon them for emotional and financial support. While nothing can truly compensate for such a loss, the families of auto accident victims may be left with little choice but to pursue legal action against the drivers that caused the accidents that affected them.

Understanding collisions with animals

When driving on the highway in Connecticut, people usually do not expect deer to be on the road. While deer may wander onto the highway at all times of the year, there is actually one season when this is most common. According to the Connecticut Post, mating season for deer is October through December, making these months the most likely time you will encounter them on the highway.