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Bicycle Accidents Archives

Understanding bike safety

Many bikers in Connecticut may think that the only guideline for safe biking is a helmet. However, there are many different ways bikers can keep themselves safe on the road. It is important to understand all of them so that people can keep themselves as safe as possible when they hit the road.

Taking a look at bike accident statistics

While everyone faces hazards on roads, they can be particularly hazardous for those who ride bicycles. Sadly, when someone who is riding a bike is struck by a vehicle, they are often particularly vulnerable. In Hartford, and in cities throughout Connecticut, bicyclists may be thrown from their bikes, slam into the windshields of vehicles, or strike their head on the ground. Often, these wrecks lead to devastating injuries which cause physical pain, stop them from working, and generate costly medical bills. Worse, some lose their lives, and family members never recover from the emotional trauma.

Summer bike safety

As spring gives way to summer, more and more people in Connecticut might get out on their bicycles. Riding a bike may be done for transportation purposes, for exercise or for sheer enjoyment. Kids and adults alike can partake in riding bikes as groups and as families but they should always be aware of the risks of riding on roads where cars also drive. Understanding some of the laws in place and keeping safety in mind is important at all times.

Bicyclist killed by hit-and-run drunk driver

With spring well underway now, Connecticut residents should be able to more fully enjoy the ability to ride bikes outside. Whether for exercise, transportation or both, it is undoubtedly a great way to appreciate the fresh air and spend a day. Sadly, however, the risks associated with this pleasurable past time can be great when bicyclists must share the roads with negligent drivers.

Can electric bicycles be dangerous?

If you love both high speeds and the environment, you may find the idea of an electric bicycle especially appealing. However, there are some hazards which you might only encounter while using this vehicle. Before you hit the road in Connecticut, it is good to be aware of these so you can take precautions.

Treating bicycle road rash

Although bicyclists do their best to stay safe on the roads of Connecticut, sometimes an accident is unavoidable. Bicyclists may walk away uninjured but other times, injuries such as road rash may be incurred. Knowing how to treat this condition can help cyclists in the event of an accident.

How do you recover after a bike accident?

After being involved in a bicycle accident in Connecticut, you may not know what steps to take as you recover. Because some injuries have the potential to be long-lasting, it is important to pay close attention to the recovery process. Some basic guidelines can help make the process easier.

Rising fatalities in bicycle accidents with distracted drivers

Connecticut cyclists are aware that distracted drivers can be a hazard on the road. They may not realize, though, that distracted drivers pose a risk to cyclists as well as other vehicles. According to Medical Daily, drivers who are not paying attention behind the wheel are responsible for a rising number of bicyclist fatalities.