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Amusement Park Accidents Archives

Amusement Park Goer Sues After Being Injured on a Waterslide

Back in 2007, Anthony Mussara visited a popular amusement park in Fishkill, NY. Splashdown Park was a place for families to enjoy a day under the sun while partaking in the various water-based attractions that the park provided, but when Mussara decided to brave the Pirate's Plunge waterslide, the day took an unfortunate turn. The ride was designed with a 50-foot splash pool at the bottom so that riders would have a substantial amount of room to land when exiting the slide, but it was decided during testing hat no one over 200 pounds should partake in this attraction-as it was possible that they would reach the end of the splash pool. Mussara, who weighed in around 250 pounds, made sure that his son was tall enough to ride the waterslide before ascending the stairs, but missed the warning that his weight might pose a problem.