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Second accident occurs during investigation of first

Connecticut residents are well aware of the fact that a motor vehicle accident can happen virtually anywhere and at any time. However, when thinking about crashes, many people may think about just a few types of situations such as being hit from behind by a tailgating driver on a congested freeway. Another type of crash people might think of first is one that happens when a driver rushes to get through an intersection just as a light is turning. 

it is even possible to be involved in a wreck when a vehicle is out of the lanes of traffic and on the shoulder of a road. This actually happened recently along a stretch of Interstate 91 near an exit ramp. A police vehicle was actually parked on the side of the roadway as the officer had stopped there to investigate an accident that had happened a few hours before. At this time, the exit ramp had been closed due to that first crash.

While the officer was outside of his vehicle, a drunk driver came along and was apparently unable to stay in his lane of traffic as he ran into the back of the police cruiser. Reports did not indicate what the driver's blood alcohol content was but he has been charged with driving under the influence. 

People who are involved in accidents that may not follow what they think are standard crashes may want to reach out to an attorney to learn more about their options for help.

Source:, "Watch video: Cruiser struck after fatal accident on I-91 in Cromwell," November 25, 2017

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