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Drunk driving a serious problem in Hartford County

As the 2017 holiday season fast approaches, many parties, get-togethers and family celebrations are being planned in Connecticut. At a great many of those gatherings, alcoholic beverages will be served and attendees will be needing to find ways to get home. Even with the growing availability of ridesharing options, taxis or the ability to identify a designated driver for the night, several people will instead opt to enjoy their drinks and then grab they keys to drive home.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows just how dangerous this choice has been for residents of Hartford County. In 2016, drunk drivers claimed the lives of more than 42 percent of all people killed in traffic accidents in Hartford County. That is significantly greater than the 34 percent statewide. In all of Connecticut last year, 293 lives were lost in vehicle crashes. Of those, 100 deaths resulted from accidents in which alcohol was a factor.

Of the 293 statewide fatalities, 57 occurred in Hartford County. Of the 57 vehicular fatalities in the county, 24 involved alcohol. Speeding was a factor in 16 deaths which translates into 28 percent of the county's total - significantly less than the number of deaths in which alcohol was a known factor. The 24 drunk driving deaths in Hartford County in 2016 was a jump from 18 the prior year.

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