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Black Friday shopping injuries

Like many people, you may consider Black Friday an important part of your Thanksgiving weekend. Because Black Friday is a busy shopping day, you have a greater chance of incurring an injury. At McCoy and McCoy, we know it is important for you to understand how these injuries occur.

According to FindLaw, the holiday season usually sees an increased number of injuries. Part of this is because there are more people in stores. You may be hurt if you are trampled because a store is overcrowded or if you slip on a wet floor. Additionally, you can sustain an injury when shopping carts fall over or if you reach for merchandise on a high shelf.

You may think that any injury you incur in a store will be a minor injury. However, this is not always the case. You may sometimes experience head trauma or fractures in addition to cuts and bruises and in some cases, you may experience a spinal or neck injury. You usually need to demonstrate that the store's negligence lead to your injury because a potentially dangerous situation was not remedied.

It is usually a store's responsibility to make sure shoppers will be safe. Spills and other messes should not be left on the floor and shelves should not hold too many items. Merchandise should be stacked properly so it does not fall over. Additionally, stores usually need to ensure that food and cleaners are stored properly and that heavy merchandise is not stored where it can harm shoppers. More information about this subject can be found on our webpage.



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