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My police report states " No Injuries"

Don't be alarmed if your car accident report states that there were no injuries sustained in your auto accident. Injuries at the scene of an accident are often masked by the surge of adrenaline rushing through the body, as well as the delayed onset of muscle soreness. DOMS as it is sometimes referred to, is the delay in pain sensation due to the high amount of adrenaline circulating through the body. Once the adrenaline wears off, the muscles, joints and ligaments that were injured in the accident become more and more inflamed causing extreme pain! This is also when contusions, bruises, and scratches from the accident become more apparent. The fact that a police officer does not indicate there are injuries at the accident scene is not surprising for those reasons.

The insurance companies love these statements in a police report! The insurance adjuster knows all too well that injuries reveal themselves after everyone has left the accident scene, yet they grasp on to this one statement and do their best to use it against the victim! As we know, "this has been done to death" and we are not phased by it. The investigating officer's opinion will typically not be admissible in court unless he/she is also a licensed medical doctor and he/she did a thorough examination of the victim. The only opinions that a judge or jury will consider are those coming from licensed medical personnel who one has treated with for the injuries from the accident.

Attorney Frank McCoy has handled thousands of car accident cases successfully. His expertise is exemplified by his Board Certification achievement through the National Board of Trial Advocacy. If you were injured in a car accident and would like to have your case evaluated, fill out this form and we will contact you back.

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