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How can you prevent injuries from electricity?

When you work on a construction site in Connecticut, there are many hazards you encounter. One you may not think about often is electricity.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says that electrical incidents kill about 350 people each year. Some of these incidents are caused because people do not adhere to proper safety standards. Electrical equipment can short-circuit through continued use, and sometimes wires may be exposed because of everyday wear and tear. This equipment can still be safe to use when your construction site follows the proper precautions. You should usually monitor the condition of your electrical equipment. Tools which are defective should typically be labeled so people know not to use them. Additionally, you should ensure that your construction site utilizes ground-fault circuit interrupters so everyone will be safe from electric currents.

You may also be injured if your extension cords are faulty. Extension cords experience wear just like other tools and they can be dangerous if wires are exposed. You can usually prevent injuries by ensuring that your cords are all designed for hard use. Additionally, extension cords should utilize some form of strain relief. Improper usage may also result in injuries. It is important to make sure each piece of electrical equipment does only the job it has been designed for. This allows you to be protected by the built-in safety features.

You may initially think power lines do not have anything to do with construction but this is not the case. You may encounter buried power lines and these can electrocute people if proper care is not taken. You should usually know the locations of buried power lines before you begin working and put up signs on your site so everyone knows where the power lines are.

This information is general in nature and should not be used in place of legal advice.


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