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What should a pedestrian do after a car accident?

Even though you do your best to be safe as a pedestrian, there may be times when you are involved in a collision with a car. In these situations, it is important that you know what to do after the accident occurs. says that it is important for the driver of the car to remain at the scene. This allows you to exchange insurance and contact information as you would in a typical car collision. Additionally, it is a good idea to ask any witnesses to stay as well, as they can help provide more information when law enforcement arrives.

You should usually call emergency services immediately after the incident occurs. This ensures that law enforcement can file an accident report, as you may need this document for your insurance company. It is a good idea to speak to law enforcement when they arrive so you can explain the incident from your point of view. If you were taken to the emergency room because of an injury and were thus unable to speak to law enforcement, you may want to contact them over the next few days. This allows you to make sure that the information recorded at the scene is correct.

While you are at the scene of the accident, you should usually take pictures. Photos of the intersection, traffic light and street signs can help serve as evidence of what happened after you file your insurance claim. You may also ask a witness to take these photos for you if you are unable to take them yourself. It is also recommended that you see a doctor immediately after the incident. You may sometimes be in shock after the accident occurs and this can keep you from realizing whether you are injured.

This information is general in nature and should not be used in place of legal advice.


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