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Understanding construction accidents

When you work on a construction site in Connecticut, you are aware that sometimes accidents happen despite the best safety measures. We at McCoy and McCoy understand it is important for you to know what kind of incidents might occur and the type of help you can get afterward.

There are many hazards you may encounter on your construction site. You may be harmed if you are exposed to toxic chemicals or if there is a gas explosion on the site. You might also incur injuries if you slip and fall or if you fall from scaffolding. Additionally, falling debris and machinery can sometimes pose a risk. While you may think that accidents are relatively rare, this is typically not the case. Injuries from a construction site kill about 1,000 workers and harm 150,000 others each year.

After you sustain an injury, you should typically speak to your supervisor. It is also a good idea to write down what happened so you can begin a paper trail. Additionally, you should generally make sure you receive a claim form from your employer. This is especially important if you want workers' compensation. You can typically receive these benefits sooner if you file a claim quickly.

FindLaw says that your workers' compensation benefits can include disability payments if you are unable to work while you recover from your injury. Disability payments are usually two-thirds of your weekly pay and these offer some compensation for the income you are losing because of your wound. Additionally, workers' compensation benefits generally cover the medical treatments you need to heal your injury. This can include your mileage to your doctor's office, as well as prescriptions. For more information about injuries on construction sites, please visit our webpage.

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