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The role of a dash camera in a collision

As a Connecticut driver, you may like the idea of having a recording device which can show law enforcement exactly what happened if you are in an accident. At McCoy and McCoy, we understand that it is important for you to know how a dash camera can help you after a collision. says that a dash camera is usually positioned on your vehicle's dashboard. This camera typically deletes old footage and does not need to be turned on and off as it comes on when you start your car.

This device may be helpful if you are involved in a car crash. Sometimes you may not see the other driver coming and thus be unable to tell law enforcement how the collision occurred. You also may not remember the exact order of events. It is important to remember, though, that a dash camera can have flaws. If the recording is not clear, law enforcement may still be unable to tell how the accident occurred. Additionally, this device may not always have a full view of the incident. If you are hit from behind, a camera on your dashboard will typically not have footage of the collision.

Despite these restraints, a dash camera can be beneficial during an accident. If you sustained injuries, the device can demonstrate whether the collision was severe enough to cause all of your wounds. Additionally, a driver's recklessness can be recorded. Video footage can typically demonstrate that the other driver was speeding and may also reveal the color of the traffic light. More information about these recording devices can be found on our webpage.

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