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Pedestrian killed directing traffic

Many times when Connecticut residents think about pedestrians they think about only people who are actively running or walking on streets or sidewalks or in designated walking paths. However, the reality is that a person can be a pedestrian among vehicle traffic in many other situations, all of which can put them at risk of being hit by vehicles. One example includes when a person is walking through a parking lot. Yet another is when a person is outside of a vehicle that may have broken down.

A woman recently died in West Haven in a situation just like this. She was part of a crew doing construction work and while in transit, their work vehicle broke down. The woman was outside the vehicle attempting to alert oncoming traffic to their disabled vehicle so as to divert people away from the scene and keep everyone safe. Sadly, in the process she was hit by one of the vehicles that she was trying to have move.

Reports indicate that the accident took place on a weekday evening. The pedestrian was originally taken to a hospital but by the following afternoon she succumbed to her injuries and died. It is not known if the at-fault driver has been located.

Families of pedestrians who are killed through no fault of their own must find ways to deal with their losses. Learning how they may seek compensation by talking to an attorney is one thing that may help people in this process.

Source:, "PD: Pedestrian dies after being struck by a car in West Haven," Bobby Martinez, August 23, 2017

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