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How drivers can handle parking lot accidents

Although you maneuver carefully, you may sometimes find yourself involved in a parking lot accident in Connecticut. You may have several questions about how to handle these situations. We at McCoy and McCoy understand it is important for you to have the answers.

If your car was damaged in a parking lot accident, it is important for you to document the incident. According to State Farm, you should photograph any damage your car incurred. It is also recommended that you go back into the store if the other driver has already left. An employee can sometimes help you find footage from a security camera which may record the incident. You may also want to speak to other people in the parking lot, as someone may have witnessed the incident. If you are able to speak to the driver who backed into your car, you should usually do so. The driver's name, phone number and address are all important information to record, and you typically should write down the other's driver's insurance company and license number. Additionally, you may want to contact your insurance company.

It is usually recommended that you take thorough notes at the accident scene. Writing down the weather conditions, the events directly before the incident and the time of day can help you document the incident more thoroughly and provide additional information for your insurance company. You should usually call the police as well. When you speak to the other driver, it is important that you do not say anything which might suggest you were at fault for the incident.

Sometimes you may sustain injuries in a parking lot accident. You should typically speak to the other driver and the police if your wounds are not severe. If you have sustained a more serious injury, though, it is important for you to receive medical attention. More information about handling this type of incident can be found on our webpage.

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