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Connecticut Motorcycle Accidents and Safety Standards


Motorcycle accidents on Connecticut roads can be deadly! Just this month WFSB, NBC, and Fox 61 have reported more than ten serious and even fatal motorcycle accidents on Connecticut roads. The most recent was a crash last night in New Britain where a 32 year old man was seriously injured. These tragedies are terrible and as Connecticut drivers we need to take extra caution when sharing the road with motorcycles. As for the riders, safety first and that starts with the helmet.

Motorcycle helmets have come a long way since their inception to the motorcycle world! They started off as simple canvas head pieces covered in shellac and have evolved to engineered safety wear with style! When looking for a helmet there are safety requirements set by the U.S. Department of transportation that must be adhered to. If the helmet does not have a DOT sticker, don't buy it. The DOT standards are the minimum standards which make organizations like the Snell Memorial Foundation so useful! The Snell foundation was formed in the late 1950's as a tribute to a sports car racer who was killed due to head injuries he sustained while wearing a faulty helmet. This foundation tests helmets independently of the government and is known to have the strictest of standards! This statement from their website says it all!

"These standards address performance, not specific materials or design. Periodically, utilizing specially designed test equipment, the Foundation upgrades its specifications on performance characteristics of helmets to keep pace with advances in materials, helmet technology and design. "McCoy & McCoy encourages all riders to visit the Snell Memorial website and research their helmet guide. 

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