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Autumn premises hazards

A company is responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe at all times of the year. However, autumn in Connecticut can present extra risks. At McCoy and McCoy, we know it is important for you to know which hazards you should be aware of during the autumn.

Although you may associate wet floors with the ice and snow of winter, it is important to be aware of wet floors in autumn as well. Safety Built-In says a company should typically put out signs which say "Slippery When Wet" to alert guests to hazards, as well as have a designated area for umbrellas. Additionally, there should be mats at all entrances to a building so no one slips.

You may enjoy autumn foliage, but falling leaves can create situations in which someone might be injured. Leaves can cause drains to clog, allowing water to build up. This can be especially hazardous if water flows onto a walkway. Additionally, piles of leaves which build up can decompose and become slick, making it more likely that someone will fall. To prevent this, leaves should be removed on a regular schedule. On windy days, companies may want to rake their sidewalks and parking lot several times so no one slips. 

When you are on a company's premises, the company is responsible for ensuring you are safe. This means that the parking lot should be free of leaves and other potential hazards. Additionally, a company should alert you to wet floors by putting up signs and promptly cleaning up water and mud which is tracked inside. More information about safety precautions can be found on our website.  

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