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TGIF? You Still Need To Drive Safely.

You are statistically most likely to get into an accident on Fridays

For people working the typical 9-5, Friday afternoons can be liberating. After a long week, there is time to go home and rest, or go out and have fun. However, while there is nothing wrong with being able to relax on the commute home on Friday, you should know that statistically this is the most likely time for an accident.

At least according to a recent study that analyzed car accidents in Britain by Direct Line Car Insurance. In an analysis of over 700,000 accidents, it found that the likelihood of getting into an accident increased by 14 percent.

You are least likely to get into an accident on Sundays, most likely because fewer people are on the road on Sundays.

The reasons Fridays might result in more accidents

While the study did not explicitly examine the causes of accidents on Friday afternoons, it is not difficult to imagine a few potential reasons. For one, people are generally more tired at the end of the workweek. Drowsy driving is an increasingly dangerous cause of car accidents in the U.S. and elsewhere. In addition, more people go to happy hour on Friday afternoons. While this can result in drunk driving, even responsible drinking can make a driver more tired or less likely to pay attention to driving. Finally, many people make weekend plans, and trying to get home or to an event on a Friday evening can result in speeding and reckless driving.

Stay safe on Fridays

It is important to be a defensive driver at all times. On Fridays, however, it appears that drivers should be particularly aware of safe driving habits. For people who are injured because of drowsy, drunk or reckless driving, legal options are available for financial help paying medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

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