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August 2017 Archives

Premises Liability for Airbnb

Many Connecticut homeowners enjoy the convenience of Airbnb when they travel. However, they may not have considered the fine details of renting out their home, such as the effect on their homeowners insurance or the responsibility for a renter's injuries. Before listing their house through home-sharing services, it is important for people to understand these details.

Why are some fixed object collisions fatal?

You may think that most of the fatal car accidents which occur in Connecticut involve multiple cars. However, crashes involving one vehicle can be fatal, and this includes fixed object collisions. A previous blog listed many of the factors behind these incidents. Today's blog will discuss why these accidents can be deadly.

Analysis: Older workers' fatality risk higher than other groups

If you work in construction, you know you're in a field with a higher than average accident rate. A recent Associated Press analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that older people -- workers age 55 to 70 -- are at far greater risk than others to suffer a fatal workplace accident. Do age-related changes make fatal accidents more likely, or perhaps make accidents more likely to be fatal?