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What kind of protective gear does a motorcyclist need?

You may think that if you have a helmet, you have all of the protective gear necessary. However, there is typically much more you need if you want to ride your motorcycle on the roads of Connecticut.

Because motorcycles do not have the external protection of a car, it is especially important for you to take the extra steps needed to be safe on the road. According to, the injuries you sustain in a collision can be reduced when you wear the proper gear. Naturally, this includes a helmet. A helmet is important because it has two layers of padding which can keep your head safe if you are in an accident. It is a good idea to make sure that your helmet has reflective strips or a design which stands out so drivers will see you at all hours. Additionally, it should fit closely to your head, as well as be comfortable.

You should also make sure you have the right pants. These can provide extra protection for your hips, knees and waist. Generally, your pants should fit closely without restricting your circulation. Additionally, it is important to ride with a jacket designed for motorcyclists. This means that will typically have padding for your spine and shoulders so these parts of your body do not absorb the full impact of a collision. You may want reflective strips on your jacket so drivers can see you at night.

It is also recommended that you wear the proper shoes. You should typically refrain from riding with your sneakers or sandals as these do not provide enough protection. Instead, it is best to wear boots which will cover your entire foot and ankle and provide enough traction.

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