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Understanding your liability coverage

When you purchase a house, you generally think about the happy memories your family will create, not the things which might go wrong. Yet accidents might happen at your home and there may be times when guests consider you liable for their injuries. At McCoy and McCoy, we know how important it is for you to understand your liability coverage.

According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, your homeowners insurance policy typically has a section which covers liability. If someone is injured on your property, their medical expenses, such as an ambulance ride, X-rays and surgery, can usually be covered by your insurance company. However, there may be some circumstances in which injuries are not covered. Your liability coverage may not include the wounds someone sustains while at your home for business, and wounds caused by your car usually are not covered.

Your liability coverage generally protects you in situations which could not be foreseen. This can include a dog bite or a slip on a wet floor. Additionally, everyone who lives in your house is usually covered. It is important to understand where this protection ends, though. If you intentionally cause damage to a guest’s property, you may be held responsible, as some policies offer liability coverage only for damage and injuries incurred through negligence. To understand your liability coverage, it is usually recommended that you read through your homeowners insurance policy carefully.

Although your homeowners insurance covers many situations in which someone could be injured, it is a good idea to exercise caution when guests are in your home. Pointing out places where guests might fall and eliminating potential safety hazards can help you prevent untimely accidents. More information about this subject can be found on our web page.

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