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The anticipated bicyclist safety law: a call to share the road

While many consider motor vehicle collisions to be the biggest road concern for civilians in Connecticut, bicycle accidents also frequently occur in the area. States differ in roadway laws regarding cyclists, but the issue remains the same: bicycle accidents are a major issue all over the United States.

Connecticut's Official State Website provides general information on bicycle and pedestrian safety in the state. Both bicycling and pedestrian traffic have seen an increase over recent years, resulting in the enforcement of the "3 foot passing law," in which motorists are required to keep a distance of three feet or more between themselves and cyclists. This law surfaced in 2008 and is still being improved to further protect the lives of bicyclists in the area. The Connecticut Department of Transportation also provides information on the vision, goals and action strategies of this safety plan. Even though, fortunately, most bicycle accidents do not prove to be fatal, Connecticut's official data estimates that approximately 80 to 93 percent of all crashes that involve bicyclists nevertheless result in injuries.

In recent news, the Hartford Courant reports anticipated change in the world of bicycling accidents and the penalties that follow. According to an article in the Hartford, many Connecticut cycling advocates are fighting for stricter penalties for drivers who refuse to share the road. If the General Assembly passed such a bill, the legislation could increase the fine from $90 to $500 for drivers neglecting bicyclists on the road. Although there is some level of controversy surrounding the issue, the overall consensus shows that Connecticut citizens would prefer a bill that could potentially deter reckless drivers from endangering the lives of bicyclists.      




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