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Pets, distracted driving and the law

On top of the immense damage car accidents can inflict, collisions on the road can also bring forth a multitude of legal complications. Connecticut practices car accident settlement laws and holds a time limit for filing legal cases regarding car accidents. While the repercussions that can occur may vary depending on the situation, many key factors play a role in car accidents, including distracted driving. 

When it comes to distracted driving, many might assume cell phones to be the leading cause of distraction. Although texting and driving accounts for a plethora of accidents in Connecticut, pets are also a primary source for distractions. Even with recent advancements in pet restraining devices, there still exists an overwhelming number of collisions that occur because of pet distractions.

The Numbers

The AAA website offers statistical data on pets and distracted driving. According to the AAA, 52 percent of pet owners take pets along on car rides. From this number, 17 percent of those drivers allowed their dog to sit in their lap. Along with giving treats and simply playing with dogs, distracted behavior can lead to dangerous circumstances for drivers, pets, other drivers and pedestrians. The AAA also points out that, of the 84 percent of drivers who drive with dogs, only 16 percent restrain dogs while driving. Restrain systems can not only protect pets, but drivers, as well.

The Law

Part of practicing safe driving habits consists of reporting to officials when accidents occur. Findlaw covers the Connecticut car accident settlement process and timeline, acknowledging that drivers are required to report an accident within five days if there is at least $1,000 of damage to property. While some cases demand a trial, a settlement ensures a guaranteed payout, which can help the drivers involved avoid legal fees.        


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