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July 2017 Archives

Bicycle safety is more important now than ever

One of the most at-risk groups out on the road is bicyclists. The reason is fairly obvious: people on bicycles have fewer safety options than other vehicles and their counterparts out on the road have far more power when an accident occurs. As a result, when a bicyclist collides with a car, or vice versa, it is highly probable that the bicyclist will suffer serious, or even fatal, injuries.

Homeowner liability for swimming pools

When Connecticut homeowners put a swimming pool into their backyard, they do not always consider what might happen if someone is injured. However, people can easily be hurt around pools, and it is important for homeowners to understand how to prevent these injuries and when they might be liable.

Understanding bike safety

Many bikers in Connecticut may think that the only guideline for safe biking is a helmet. However, there are many different ways bikers can keep themselves safe on the road. It is important to understand all of them so that people can keep themselves as safe as possible when they hit the road.

Understanding your liability coverage

When you purchase a house, you generally think about the happy memories your family will create, not the things which might go wrong. Yet accidents might happen at your home and there may be times when guests consider you liable for their injuries. At McCoy and McCoy, we know how important it is for you to understand your liability coverage.