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Unsafe train car platform leads to conductor’s fall injuries

When news of slip-and-fall injury cases breaks in Hartford, many may be willing to give property owners the benefit of the doubt given that it seems impossible to keep their eyes on every one of their guests. At the same time, however, one might assume that they are constantly mindful of the safety and well-being of any employees or agents that they expect to be working in or around their grounds. While it may be understandable that an accident or mishap during the day can cause an unsafe condition, not ensuring that an employee’s work area is safe and secure prior to the commencement of operations may seem baffling to some.

A failure to provide safe working conditions is the accusation currently being leveled at Union Pacific by one of its employees. The man, who works as a conductor in Texas, claims that he and another crew member were in the process of switching railroad cars when he slipped on a substance lying on one of the car’s platform. The subsequent fall left him with extensive injuries to his back, neck, hip and lower extremities. In a lawsuit filed against the company, he claims that the company had a duty to inspect and maintain the car to avoid accidents like the one he suffered from happening.

Some may argue that employees should be familiar enough with the conditions that they work in to anticipate such hazards. However, no amount of familiarity may absolve an employer from its duty to keep its workforce safe. If one believes that his or her company has failed in that regard, he or she may feel justified in seeking action. Those who wish to do so may want to enlist the services of an attorney when initiating their claims.

Source: Southeast Texas Record “Union Pacific conductor alleges injuries from slip-and-fall on car platform” Suayan, John, May 26, 2017  

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