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Study finds connection between accidents and pot

Connecticut has not joined the ranks of the states or areas in the country that have passed legislation to make the recreational use of marijuana legal. However, its residents should be aware of some of the consequences of this action, especially as nearby Massachusetts, the District of Columbia and Maine have all done so. Why would this matter so much? Because a new report based upon a study over a period of nearly five years has made a connection between more accident claims to insurance companies and the legalization of pot.

The research was conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute took a look at the filings of accident claims during the study period in different states including three states that legalized the use of marijuana during the time of the study. In those three states - Colorado, Washington and Oregon - it was discovered that there was a noticeable increase in the number of claims filed for vehicle accidents after they passed their laws legalizing pot. The increase was said to be 2.7 percent in just a couple of years.

Certainly Connecticut residents who are planning to travel to locations where recreational pot is legal this summer should take note. However, so too should those people who plan to remain home as the problems associated with a drugged driver can arise whether or not the use of the drug is actually legal.

People who have been injured or involved in crashes might find it useful to discuss the details of their situation with a lawyer to make the best choices in how to protect themselves. 

Source:, "Insurance study ties legal pot to boost in car crash claims," Solomon Banda, June 21, 2017

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