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Inclement weather and traffic accidents

For the driver or occupant of a vehicle, many hazards exist on the roadways. For example, a life may be cut short because of a drunk driver or a result of someone’s failure to abide by the law. However, there are other dangers that can result in a motor vehicle accident in Hartford, such as inclement weather. Regardless of the part of the country someone lives in, weather can increase the chances of an accident and it is essential for drivers to realize the risks.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are many weather-related events that can lead to a traffic accident. For example, fog, significant rainfall, strong winds, snow and ice can all cause a crash. There are various ways that these weather events can factor into an accident, some of which people may not realize. For example, excessive winds could cause drivers to crash as a result of tree limbs or other debris that has blown or fallen onto the road. Moreover, wind may cause dust or snow to blow in front of a driver’s windshield, blocking their view of the road.

For many drivers in the U.S., snow and ice are especially troubling. In fact, statistics show that over 116,000 people are hurt and more than 1,300 fatalities take place due to icy, slush and snow on the roads. However, during the summer, it is essential for drivers to keep in mind that weather hazards such as fog, wind and rain can also lead to a motor vehicle collision.

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