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Do I Have A Hartford Car Accident Case?

Do I have a Car Accident Case?

A Connecticut driver asks Attorney Frank McCoy if he has a Hartford car accident case. The driver states, "I was stopped at a red light at an intersection in Hartford Ct. I went to turn left went the light turned green and I was hit on the drivers side of my car. The other driver came out of nowhere. I didn't see or even hear him! Do I have a CT car accident case?

This is a common question when it comes to understanding the right of way. Taking a left hand turn in an intersection can fall under two very different scenarios. The first scenario would be if the driver taking the left turn has a green arrow which gives him the right of way. In this situation the answer would be yes, you have a Connecticut car accident case. The other scenario would be if the driver had a green light, but not the green arrow. In this situation he would not have the right of way, and would be expected to yield to on coming traffic, making the accident his fault.

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