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What should you know about premises liability for weddings?

When you are planning your wedding in Connecticut, premises liability is usually not one of the elements you consider. However, accidents can happen even on your special day. It is important to be aware of your responsibility as a host so you can ensure that everyone stays safe.

Even with the best precautions, unexpected accidents can occur at your wedding or reception. says that these incidents can include falls and illnesses. Your guests may sometimes slip on a slick dance floor or accidently damage your reception venue if their dance moves get out of control. Additionally, guests may become ill or have an allergic reaction after eating some of the food you provide. You may also be held liable if someone is harmed because of inclement weather on your wedding day.

Although accidents involving your guests are likely your largest concern, something unexpected may happen to a member of the wedding party. Someone may trip on the way up the aisle, and your best man or maid of honor might fall as they deliver their toasts. Your photographer and caterer may also be involved in an accident as they perform their duties.

If you plan to serve alcohol at your wedding, it is especially important to understand your responsibilities, as you may be held accountable if a guest harms someone while inebriated or causes damage to the venue. Once you understand the ways an accident might occur, you can take the proper precautions to make sure that your guests will be safe as they celebrate.

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