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How do you avoid accidents with combined vehicles?

While any kind of truck may be involved in an accident, there are a few scenarios which you should be aware of if you drive a combination vehicle. Knowing the common risks and how they can be prevented can help you to keep both yourself and other drivers safe on the road.

Although you should take care when braking any rig, this is especially important when you are driving a combination vehicle. says that combination vehicles can jackknife if you brake suddenly when your load is light. Your stopping speed depends on the weight of the load you are carrying, and it might take you longer to stop if you are hauling a light load. To prevent incidents like jackknives, it is usually best to make sure you know what is occurring on the road ahead of you so you can stop when necessary. Additionally, your steering should be as smooth as possible, as combination vehicles might tip over if your steering is jerky.

A jackknife may also occur if one of your trailers skids. You can typically prevent these incidents by taking your foot off the brake so the tires can regain traction. Additionally, it is important to look in your mirrors when you brake so you know immediately if your trailer is skidding.

Another risk of driving a combination vehicle is the possibility of a rollover. It is a good idea to spread your cargo out so it is closer to the ground. This gives your truck a lower center of gravity and decreases the possibility that a rollover will occur. Additionally, it is recommended that you center the load so your truck is equally balanced.

This information is meant to inform and should not be used in place of legal advice.

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