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Cheshire couple sustains serious injuries in motorcycle crash

Should one approach a collision involving a motorcycle and a car in Hartford and see a person walking away, statistics and regular logic would indicate that it is most likely the motorist. Motorcycles offer little in the way of protection in accidents, making it even more imperative that those driving conventional vehicles be mindful of motorcyclists on the roads around them.

The responsibility for accident avoidance does not lie solely with motorists, however. Motorcyclists must also operate their bikes in a manner that protects both themselves and any passengers that they may be carrying. One might argue that a motorcyclist has an even greater duty of care to his or her passengers than a motorist would, given the disastrous potential that a motorcycle collision presents.

Sadly, this fact was on full display in a collision between a car and a motorcycle that recently occurred in Cheshire. A man and his wife were taken to a local hospital after sustaining serious injuries. The woman driving the car involved was not injured. Officials are currently investigating what caused the accident. While the injuries sustained by the woman riding on the motorcycle were not said to be life threatening, her husband remains in critical condition.

Just as motorcyclists may choose to pursue action against careless motorists who may strike them on the road, so too many motorcycle passengers look to hold the motorcyclists transporting them legally liable if the motorcyclists’ poor operation of their vehicles led to their accidents. In either event, an accident victim may want to secure the services of an experienced personal injury attorney before initiating any action.

Source: NBC Connecticut “2 Injured in Cheshire Motorcycle Crash” May 18, 2017


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