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May 2017 Archives

Summer bike safety

As spring gives way to summer, more and more people in Connecticut might get out on their bicycles. Riding a bike may be done for transportation purposes, for exercise or for sheer enjoyment. Kids and adults alike can partake in riding bikes as groups and as families but they should always be aware of the risks of riding on roads where cars also drive. Understanding some of the laws in place and keeping safety in mind is important at all times.

Cheshire couple sustains serious injuries in motorcycle crash

Should one approach a collision involving a motorcycle and a car in Hartford and see a person walking away, statistics and regular logic would indicate that it is most likely the motorist. Motorcycles offer little in the way of protection in accidents, making it even more imperative that those driving conventional vehicles be mindful of motorcyclists on the roads around them.

What should you know about premises liability for weddings?

When you are planning your wedding in Connecticut, premises liability is usually not one of the elements you consider. However, accidents can happen even on your special day. It is important to be aware of your responsibility as a host so you can ensure that everyone stays safe.

Tips to avoid accidentally driving under the influence

As a responsible adult, you would never want to drink and drive. Not only do you know the risks, but you know your limits when it comes to alcohol. Life doesn't always go as planned, though, and most people have, at one point or another, found themselves in a situation where they had more to drink than they were anticipating and are now asking themselves whether they're too drunk to drive. Generally, if you find yourself asking this question, the answer is probably "yes," but how can you be sure?