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Understanding a motorcycle collision

The aftermath of a motorcycle accident can be hectic and confusing. You might have many questions about what you should do next. At McCoy and McCoy, we understand that the answers to these questions are important, as they can help you navigate the time after the collision.

After the accident, you should take pictures of the scene if you can. This may seem like a minor detail but these pictures can testify to the extent of the damage you and your motorcycle incurred. They can also back up your statement about the events that led to the accident. Having these pictures may help you receive the necessary compensation to pay for medical bills and either fix your bike or buy a new one.

You might be tempted to leave after the collision if you and your bike have not sustained much damage. However, it is important to remain at the accident scene. This allows you to exchange insurance information with the other driver and gather contact information for witnesses. When you do leave, it is recommended that you have a doctor look over your injuries. Some wounds may not appear for a few days, and an early doctor’s visit lets you determine how serious they really are.

While speaking to the other driver, you may learn that the driver is uninsured. To make sure you can receive the necessary care after every accident, you might want to have an insurance policy which covers uninsured drivers. This policy can also be beneficial if you are ever involved in a hit and run. You can learn more about handling your collision by visiting our web page on the topic.

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