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Long-lasting effects of car accidents

Some injuries may not immediately reveal themselves after you have been in a car accident in Connecticut. However, in the days following the collision you may discover that you have incurred whiplash or injuries to your back. At McCoy and McCoy, we understand that these wounds can have a large impact on your life.

Whiplash is one injury you may incur which has the possibility to harm your back. According to, you might tear the walls of a disk if you undergo whiplash during an accident. These tears can sometimes heal by themselves. Other times, though, the disk may be stressed and become weak, and in some cases, might also herniate. When this happens, you may feel more pain in your arms or shoulder blades. Disk and joint injuries can also cause your lower back to hurt.

In addition to whiplash, you may sometimes incur a compression fracture, muscle tears or soft tissue damage. Some of these wounds may take up to months to fully recover, and they can have long-lasting effects. A disk injury, for example, might cause you to develop sciatica, and damage to your soft tissue may make you disabled for a time. Particularly severe injuries may result in chronic pain.

Back injuries can affect your life for a long time after a collision occurs. If you are placed on modified assignment or find yourself unable to go to work, your pay check might decrease. Your wounds may also keep you from being active outdoors and working around your home. Our page on car accident trauma can offer more information on this subject.


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