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March 2017 Archives

Can electric bicycles be dangerous?

If you love both high speeds and the environment, you may find the idea of an electric bicycle especially appealing. However, there are some hazards which you might only encounter while using this vehicle. Before you hit the road in Connecticut, it is good to be aware of these so you can take precautions.

Long-lasting effects of car accidents

Some injuries may not immediately reveal themselves after you have been in a car accident in Connecticut. However, in the days following the collision you may discover that you have incurred whiplash or injuries to your back. At McCoy and McCoy, we understand that these wounds can have a large impact on your life.

Can truck drivers text behind the wheel?

When you think about texting and driving accidents in Connecticut, you may initially think of teenagers. However, drivers of all ages may text behind the wheel, and even professional truckers sometimes check their phones while driving. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there are regulations in place to prevent truckers from using their phones behind the wheel.

Determining if you have a premises liability case

When you are injured outside of your Connecticut home, you may initially think the injury falls within the bounds of premises liability. However, an injury is not automatically considered premises liability because you were at someone else’s home or a public building. There are other conditions which usually must apply. At McCoy and McCoy, we know that these conditions can be difficult to understand at first.