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Snow’s impact on the road

Connecticut residents understand that snowstorms can have a heavy impact on driving conditions. While snow is not the most dangerous kind of weather, it is important to understand how this weather affects a person’s daily commute to the office.

One way snow can affect the road is through traffic patterns. According to the Federal Highway Administration, large amounts of snow can close roads or block lanes. If an area has received a heavy snowfall in a short amount of time, the flow of traffic can sometimes be reduced by as much as 44 percent. Additionally, the average speed of drivers usually decreases by 5 to 40 percent.

Snow can also increase the number of car accidents which occur. While rain generally leads to more collisions, conditions such as sleet, snow, ice and slushy pavement are responsible for many accidents. Each year, drivers are involved in 210,341 crashes on average because of snow and sleet, and ice can cause an average of 151,944 accidents. Snow usually causes 17 percent of collisions which occur because of the weather.

While snow does not cause many fatal collisions in Connecticut, it is still important for drivers to use caution. USA Today says that most fatal accidents happen on Fridays and Saturdays and are most likely to take place in the morning. Additionally, many winter collisions occur because drivers maintain speeds which are not appropriate for sleet and snow. It is recommended that drivers slow down and make sure their speed matches the road conditions. Drivers should also make sure they leave enough room between their car and other vehicles.

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