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Lane-splitting in Connecticut

Motorcycle riders in Connecticut and across the rest of the country were left rejoicing after California’s recent announcement that lane-splitting will now be legal and accepted on all its roads. Lawmakers cited a recent study performed by the University of California Berkeley that indicates that the move may actually be less dangerous for motorcycle riders and beneficial for all drivers.


Cycle World reports that, after reviewing 6,000 traffic accidents involving motorcycle drivers, researchers found that the 997 collisions that involved lane-splitting reported fewer fatalities and less-severe injuries than crashes that occurred when drivers remained in their own lanes. This is due to a variety of factors that affect those involved in this type of accident.


First is the area of impact for the motorcyclist. When riders remain in the lane with other vehicles, they are more likely to be involved in an accident due to running into the back of a vehicle in front of them or being hit from behind. This leads to a 10 percent higher rate of torso injuries and an 8 percent increased risk of head injury. Fatal injuries also occurred almost twice as often when motorcyclists remained in their own lane.


As motorcycle riders around the country took notice of the new initiative, Connecticut residents began a petition to approve the same laws in their home state. states that the move reduces congestion and is allowed in all other areas of the world. Signatures were being gathered to petition the White House to make the practice legal everywhere.

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