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Can an accident cause a truck fire?

You may think that semi-trucks only catch fire in movies. However, as unbelievable as it may sound, this phenomenon exists on the highways of Connecticut. According to, your truck is more likely to catch fire than a passenger vehicle.

Truck fires may sometimes be the result of damaged fuel tanks. If one of your tanks is punctured or torn in an accident, leaked fuel can easily catch fire. Additionally, fuel tanks are not as protected as they are in smaller vehicles, making it easier for them to be damaged in a collision. Your driving can also be the cause of fires. Failing to maneuver around trees or falling asleep at the wheel sometimes causes trucks to hit objects at higher speeds. Fires can also happen because your truck’s weight results in high impact crashes.

There are many ways you can keep truck fires from occurring. One simple method is to remove all distractions from the cab so you can pay close attention to the road. Making sure that you get enough sleep and receive seatbelt safety training may also help. Additionally, implementing technologies which keep you from getting tired and using inertia fuel switches may play a role in preventing these fires. Highways may also need barriers which are strong enough to keep drifting trucks on the road.

Truck fires are more likely to occur when you steadily drive 55 miles per hour or more. Although you might think straight highways would be safer, these roads are actually where most fires happen. According to the most recent numbers, trucks make up 14 percent of vehicle fires. Many of these accidents do not involve other vehicles.

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