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February 2017 Archives

Lane-splitting in Connecticut

Motorcycle riders in Connecticut and across the rest of the country were left rejoicing after California’s recent announcement that lane-splitting will now be legal and accepted on all its roads. Lawmakers cited a recent study performed by the University of California Berkeley that indicates that the move may actually be less dangerous for motorcycle riders and beneficial for all drivers.

Do millennial drivers pose a greater road risk than others?

In a survey of over 2,500 drivers, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that millennials engage in hazardous driving habits more than other age groups do. In fact, some 19-24-year-olds see no problem with risky driving habits at all.

Snow’s impact on the road

Connecticut residents understand that snowstorms can have a heavy impact on driving conditions. While snow is not the most dangerous kind of weather, it is important to understand how this weather affects a person’s daily commute to the office.

Treating bicycle road rash

Although bicyclists do their best to stay safe on the roads of Connecticut, sometimes an accident is unavoidable. Bicyclists may walk away uninjured but other times, injuries such as road rash may be incurred. Knowing how to treat this condition can help cyclists in the event of an accident.