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Tips for riding a motorcycle in winter

While Connecticut motorcyclists may love to be on the road year round, they may not always think about the specific needs of riding in cold weather. Winter can present vastly different conditions, and staying safe on the road means knowing how to adapt to these environments.

Because road conditions can deteriorate during the winter, motorcyclists need to be prepared for everything. says that bikers should watch the road so they see obstacles before they encounter them. It is also a good idea to make sure tires are prepared for winter road conditions. Tire pressure may need to be adjusted, especially if a biker has a passenger. Additionally, motorcyclists may want to invest in tires which are suited for all types of weather, or get a new set if theirs are a few years old.

Winter precautions are not only for motorcycles; riders may also want to take extra steps to keep themselves warm and safe on the road. According to, bikers need to pay extra attention to their extremities during the winter. Warm socks and gloves can generally help motorcyclists retain feeling in their hands, allowing them to operate their bike properly. Some people may want to consider adding seat and grip warmers if they will be riding for long periods of time.

Motorcyclists also need to ensure that they are not on their bike for too long to keep from becoming numb. It is recommended that people stop often to warm up, especially if they are riding a long distance. Additionally, it is important to stay out of the wind as much as possible. Bikers can do this by slowing down and crouching lower on their bikes. They may also want to add additional protective gear such as a windscreen.

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