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Christmas shopping and car accidents

Many Connecticut residents are likely to be on the road this month as they finish their Christmas shopping. Drivers may want to take care while they hunt for the perfect presents. According to the Washington Post, reports show that many people are involved in collisions during the holidays.

One reason for this is that many people drive more aggressively, particularly young drivers and parents. This includes more speeding as shoppers hurry from store to store. December sometimes sees 20 percent more accidents than other months. The days before and after Christmas are especially prone to collisions, with drivers 27 percent more likely to be involved in a crash than they are on New Year’s Eve. Additionally, many accidents that occur in parking lots are not reported.

These collisions are caused by many factors. State Farm says that Christmas shoppers do not always have the best weather for driving, making traffic move slowly. Additionally, there are generally more people on the road, some of whom come from out of town. Drivers may want to give themselves more than enough time to reach their destinations so that weather and traffic do not cause unnecessary stress. This also allows drivers to refrain from speeding.

Because the holiday may induce stress in some shoppers, it is a good idea for drivers to keep their minds on the road and off their Christmas shopping. This can help prevent them from making poor driving decisions. Drivers may also want to listen to soothing Christmas music. Because aggressive drivers may affect a person’s reactions on the road, it is suggested that shopping be saved for times when drivers are not already stressed.

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