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What kind of injuries can you get from a motorcycle accident?

If you ride a motorcycle in Connecticut, you have probably wondered what types of injuries you might incur if you are ever involved in a collision. Damage sometimes depends on your age and whether or not you wear a helmet.

Injuries most commonly occur in nine places of your body. According to, these include the neck, head and abdomen. Age can be a factor in the location of injuries. If you are a motorcyclist over the age of 40 and are not wearing a helmet during an accident, you may generally receive more severe wounds to your legs than younger riders. If you are a young rider without a helmet, your face and neck might receive the worst trauma.

You may expect that most injuries from an accident would be to your head. However, this is not always the case. Only 22 percent are generally to your neck and head, and your spine is usually not as affected as you might think. The most common injuries are those to your feet and legs. Your pelvis and hips are the least likely places to be harmed, while your back and chest rank just after head injuries.

Motorcyclists without helmets are more likely to die from a head injury, but this type of protection is not guaranteed to prevent all damage. Fatal injuries are most often those received to your head. Although a helmet is not a large factor in determining the extent of wounds, it is recommended that you always wear all of your protective gear.

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