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What causes most truck accidents?

Despite the best preventions, truck accidents sometimes occur in Connecticut. You may wonder how many of these accidents are caused. Science Daily says that according to a 2013 study, many factors are behind the collisions that occur on highways.

One factor that can cause accidents is a trucker’s gender, which is due to the fact that aggressive driving and speeding are more typical of male truckers, leading to fatal accident rates that are higher than those of female drivers. Truckers are twice as likely to have a fatal collision if they are driving above 45 miles per hour. High speeds also tend to result in more serious accidents.

Impairment also contributes to many accidents. Delayed reactions can cause truckers to be involved in worse collisions, with a fatal one seven times likelier to occur. Impairment can include both substance abuse and driver fatigue.

One of the most influential factors in truck accidents is the number of trucks driving. You may be involved in a collision even if there is not much traffic on the road. If there are more trucks than cars on the highway, your chances of a crash are usually higher. Accidents may sometimes be worse if you are around many trucks. The kind of truck involved in a crash may also determine the severity. You may find that a collision is worse if the driver’s visibility is greatly decreased, as it is for combination trucks. Eleven percent of fatal accidents involve trucks and annually 4,500 people die in these collisions. Despite this, only 8 percent of the traffic you encounter on the highway consists of trucks.

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