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Slip and falls from icy sidewalks

As Connecticut experiences more cold weather, residents will encounter more snow and ice. Although many people enjoy winter weather and its unique opportunities, they may sometimes forget that these conditions bring their own hazards. One of these is icy sidewalks.

Although regular slip and fall accidents can always be hazardous, those that occur on icy pavement can be especially dangerous. says that people may receive injuries to the brain, and sometimes die from the injuries received. Falls on icy pavement are more common than people may realize, especially in the Northeast. To prevent these accidents, businesses are required to take steps that ensure the safety of their customers. These include plowing or shoveling snow after a storm and making sure that sidewalks are salted. Training employees to understand reasonable responses to hazardous weather is also recommended.

Businesses may be liable for injuries if they do not salt pavement quickly after snow has melted and refrozen. They may also be responsible for slippery pavement caused by icicles. In some states, failing to take precautions that are considered reasonable by any person may make some companies liable for falls.

A case in Connecticut determined liability for slip and falls from icy sidewalks. According to, the 2014 verdict established that people may not sue business owners after falling on icy sidewalks on the company’s premises. The judge wrote that icy sidewalks are the responsibility of individual towns, and that businesses may be held liable only if a community law states that they are at fault for slip and falls that occur on their property.

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