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Inclement and winter weather are leading causes of accidents

Severe weather phenomena - hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding - bring to mind horrifying images of destruction and loss of life. Such storms and weather events tend to garner a lot of attention. In the US, extreme weather incidents cause an average of 375 deaths per year.

However, the US Department of Transportation reports that of the 5,748,000 auto accidents each year, 1,259,000 (about 22 percent) occur in everyday inclement weather. Weather-related crashes result in over 445,000 injuries and 5,900 deaths annually, which accounts for about 16 percent of all vehicular fatalities. From late fall until early spring, motorists should take precautions, as snow, ice, rain, and fog are more likely to cause perilous driving conditions.

Wet and icy conditions are a leading cause of accidents

Based on 10-year average statistics (2005-2014), wet pavement and rain are the top two culprits behind weather-related traffic accidents, according to the US DOT. These conditions pose the greatest danger because they can arrive on the scene throughout all four seasons.

Motorists should exercise caution even when rain and ice don't seem to pose much of a threat. When temperatures dip below freezing, even light precipitation can glaze roads and bridges, making them slick and treacherous.

Abrupt changes in visibility can trigger major accidents

The second biggest contributors to motor vehicle accidents are winter weather hazards and fog. Especially detrimental to drivers are conditions that result in a sudden reduction in visibility. Within a few seconds, dense fog, heavy snow squalls, or torrential downpour can diminish visibility to just a few feet. Fog-related crashes are especially likely when motorists are driving at speeds faster than such conditions warrant. Following other vehicles too closely in near-zero visibility is also dangerous.

While natural disasters garner most of the media's attention, the dangers posed by everyday inclement weather should encourage drivers to observe recommended speed limits and always keep their eyes on the road.

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